Although you can post your ideas for Survival Craft on this wiki, there are some rules you have to follow. Here are the those rules.

  • No cursing or censoring such as **** or ####
  • Do not reveal your age if you are under thirteen, as it is below the legal limit. You should also not make an account without parental permission unless you are eighteen or older. This is a standard wikia policy that will be followed here.
  • Do not insult an admin.
  • Do not put signatures, irrelevant content, or any other kind of spam on the pages of this wiki.
  • No badge farming; In case you were wondering what badge farming is, it is the act of making small or useless edits on pages, making lots of spammy comments, or adding unnecessary categories for the sake of getting a badge. Although that badge can't be deleted from you, it is still prohibited to badge farm and you shouldn't do it unless you want to get blocked.
  • This rule applies to all admins. When you are sending someone a block message, do not be rude to them. Signs of being rude such as cursing, using BOLD CAPITALS LIKE THIS, and making fun of them are prohibited.
  • Do not edit another's user wall.
  • Do not use emojis. This is because they can be considered rude on some occasions. Computer editors also don't get to use them.

That's all of the rules there are. Have a happy time editing here at Survival Craft Ideas Wiki!

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