Welcome to the Survival Craft Ideas WikiaEdit

Are you eager to write down your ideas for Survival Craft? If so, then this is the perfect place for you. In case you don't know what Survival Craft is, it is a sandbox game like Minecraft where you can survive in several different modes such as challenging, harmless, and cruel, get creative in creative mode by making whatever you want, or be adventurous in adventure mode where blacks cannot be breaker without certain tools. The game isn't just a Minecraft rip off either as you can do many other things like wear clothes, paint blocks, and spawn in animals that Minecraft doesn't have.

Wiki RulesEdit

With a wiki comes rules. Click here to learn the rules of this wiki. Dissobeyance of these rules will result in a block.

Admins Edit

This wiki is fairly new, so it'll need some admins.

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